Saturday, February 2, 2008

Alea Iacta Est [The Die Has Been Cast]

"...Never discuss Scientology with the critic. Just discuss his or her crimes, known and unknown. And act completely confident that those crimes exist...."
L. Ron Hubbard, "Critics of Scientology", November 5, 1967
The die has been cast. It was cast the moment we voiced our opposition to the practices of the Church of Scientology (CoS), the moment we declared that “knowledge is free”. But we have done more than voice an opposition, we have waged war for your hearts and minds, and we have made progress. Our gains have drawn us significant attention, both positive in the form of the media, and sinister in the form of the “church”.

The attention the “church” gives its own adherents will give you cause for concern, the attention it gives its critics, is frightening. To protect its stream of income, the “church” indoctrinates and exploits its members, deliberately conceals its origins from them, requires donations and costly purchases to continue, it even has an “auditing” process that involves the use of a Colt-45; “bridge to enlightenment” indeed. These cultish behaviours and well known brainwashing techniques (along with many others) are employed on the newer members, those that are yet to reach even a single level as an “OT”.

For the attention it gives its critics, the “church” maintains a special policy beyond its regular “always attack, never defend” motto, “Fair game”. Anyone who is “fair game”, to put it in L. Ron Hubbard’s own words, “May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.” These actions, include but are by no means limited to, large smear campaigns, accusations of paedophilia, houses picketed and of course, lawsuits. Persecution of its critics, or indeed anyone, in such a manner is a practice that the “church” claims to have revoked in 1968, but has tried to get constitutionally protected as late as 1985, and has been seen practice even in recent years.

This is why the new movement opposing them has decided to be Anonymous, in name and action. Albeit, this is not the only reason to remain Anonymous, we are also Anonymous because this is the only type of action that the CoS cannot fight on their standard terms, a faceless, loosely organized, leaderless entity. Therefore, the idea of the faceless being is what the CoS will target, we can be targeted with any faceless act, any form of crime that will never be linked to a specific individual. The credibility of Anonymous will, as has been attacked. We will be and have been called “persecutors” despite our intentions, declarations and actions.

For the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) , the intelligence agency of the CoS, to label a critic as a “persecutor” is a common tactic. The effect is that they may act as if they, or the “Church of Scientology”, are the victim. Often, this is far from the case and such bizarre claims on part of the Church of Scientology can be quickly dismissed as filled with fallacious rhetoric and logic. A marvellous example would be the following post in the comments sections of The Huffington Post by a Scientologist who goes by the internet name "Terryeo".
"News reporting and reporters depend on our rights to free speech. Anonymous has suppressed free speech with its DDoS attack against a charitable organization. Once established, with organization and dedicated resources, what next? Anonymous could "rent out" services (from another country of course) to target any organization or business. Freedom has but one cost. Public support of those who suppress freedom of speech is a denial of responsibility." (Terryeo)
He begins the argument with obviously loaded term, such as when he (falsely) paints the Church of Scientology as a "charitable organization". The argument continues, to where he states, "Once established, with organization and dedicated resources, what next? Anonymous could 'rent out' services (from another country of course) to target any organization or business." an argument, which is easily dismissed with simple logic.

It is known that Anonymous is not "established", it is a decentralized entity that works by accepting and formulating ideas that are used to further their goals. There is no "establishment". Hence, it is already evident that this Scientologist has formulated an imaginary situation, assigned it to Anonymous, and then attacked the imaginary situation.

Given the history of the CoS, unsurprisingly, in the last few days stories have arisen about Anonymous attacking Dutch schools, innocent everyday people, and sending letters with white powder to Scientology "churches" in the southern California area. As it is our goal to bring the truth to the people, we feel it necessary to show you how we operate, as well as, what is true within these stories, and what to expect from the poison going into the well in the future.
  • Members of Anonymous are human; the attack on the Dutch school was a typo. The actual target was Prolexic, a company that provides protection for the CoS from a Distributed Denial of Service attack. An IP for the Prolexic server network was gathered by a member of Anonymous, having gained useful information from a friend, and was posted with a typo on the standard contact channels. This lead to a very brief attack on a Dutch school before the typo was discovered and corrected. All the communication channels used by Anonymous are based on any of the three US based time zones, so any DDoS that will occur happens in the middle of the night for most Europeans. Therefore, it is likely to suspect that the school would not even have noticed the glitch, were it not for the Wired article discussing the mistake.

  • Unfortunately this is not the only innocents that have taken hits in the wake of the internet tsunami that is hitting the CoS. Once again reported by Wired, an elderly couple from Stockton, California was hit by another mistake made by individuals within the movement known as Anonymous. The Lawsons had their personal information, put up for all to see on the internet (has now been removed), and have been harassed by those connected with Anonymous, an official apology can be read below. However, this does not end the story. Quoted from Wired;

    “According to an e-mail from the hacker to THREAT LEVEL, the Regime's "main objective was to obtain logs and various data including user names and passwords" and "to take down our targets in the best way possible to bring as much embarrassment/shame as we could to the offending organization." The hacker said his group turned over the purloined data to the Church of Scientology.”

    Above quote is an indication that The Regime, a hacker group that has been doing much to harass Anonymous and this fight in the last week, is working on orders from the Church of Scientology. In fact ex-Scientologists that have spoken to and shaped what Anonymous now is, say this is a perfectly plausible tactic to be used by the OSA. Based on the “fair game” policy of removing any and all opposition; hiring a team of expert hackers to take down a bunch of inexperienced script kiddies, shooting sparrows with cannons as it were, is the exact measure to take for obtaining a name to run through the dirt. Actions like these have already taken place according to the same Wired article. In this The Regime used a takeover of one of Anonymous’ main communications channels as leverage towards the owner of the website, forcing him to give all the information he could give them about individual members of Anonymous. One idea is that The Regime is directly linked with the CoS, in other words being members of OSA, but a more plausible explanation is that they are paid by OSA to do their dirty work. There is very little doubt that they are not at all connected with the Church of Scientology based on the ultimate goal of their actions.

  • The latest news in the exploits of Anonymous is an article about anthrax based terrorist threats towards the CoS. Operations that could be understood like an attack of this sort has not been discussed in the timeframe that would be needed for the powder to arrive and the FBI to be called in. However, it will be admitted that the idea of sending packets of Kool-Aid, as a reference to Jonestown, was discussed and left abandoned in the early days of Project Chanology. Should, the case be that the article is in fact discussing such a letter, it is either a downright falsification of facts from the CoS or a poor job from the reporter. The items sent would be unopened Kool-Aid packets, and not the powder itself. It should be understood that this would not be the first time that the CoS has made false completely claims of terrorist threats towards themselves.

    Most well known of these self proclaimed threats is during “Operation Freakout”, in which Paulette Cooper was deemed a Suppressive Person, and hit by the Fair Game policy. This lead to all manner of attacks upon her person, one of which was a piece of amazingly devious planning from the CoS; disguised as a public official doing a survey on housing taxes in the area, and had her sign a document. Underneath this a piece of paper, assumed to be yet another survey, was used to get Paulette Coopers fingerprints on a bomb threat written by the CoS, and to be delivered to the FBI the next day.

When the “church” knows only attack, it cannot defend against the truth that we, and other critics, bring against them. Instead they act through fear, and attempt to discredit us. Knowing their past practices, their “fair game” policy, that they have people dedicated to nothing more than making people’s lives miserable, it is worth wondering what they might do against a faceless entity. A Smear campaign maybe?

In the end we encourage you to learn, to search, we cannot make up your minds for you, after all “Knowledge is free” and “what’s true for you, is true”.

UPDATE: Yeah, they began the smear.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dear Mr and Mrs Lawson,

We have heard about your predicament on this Wired article.

The members of Anonymous would like to extend our deepest regrets for the events you have experienced. It is unfortunate that some members within our organization have taken it upon themselves to take our fight into the realm of illegal activities. We condemn these actions and call for all Anonymous to restrain themselves within the boundaries of the law.

We know that we cannot truly make up for the things you have experienced, but please know that you have nothing to fear from us. We will do everything within our power to expunge your personal data released from the internet. [Note: Anonymous urges you to purchase protection from the Life Lock corporation for your wife given the release of her social security number]

In our zeal to destroy evil, we have caused collateral damage to innocent bystanders. And while, yes, we recognize the taint this has been put upon our already tainted image, this is far from being our only reason for apologizing. In allowing this attack to occur, we have allowed ourselves to become like unto what we hate. Just as the Church of Scientology has used illegal actions to suppress its opponent, so have we fallen into that trap.

However, until such a time as the Church of Scientology no longer exists in its present form, we will not put aside our fight. Instead we will strive all the harder to maintain our integrity and adhere to legal means of attack.

Our sincerest apologies,


P.S. Anonymous is still considering what reparations, if any, we are capable of making. If you hear from us again, it will not be to threaten or harass you.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Third Video Released and Jenna Miscavige Hill Tells the Truth About Her Uncle's Cult

Anonymous has released its third video.

However, it does not stop here. Another update is of importance.

Jenna Miscavige Hill, the niece of the leader of the Church of Scientology has finally went public and has addressed the misdeeds performed by the malignant "church" as evident below:

Niece of Scientology's leader backs Cruise biography

by Jonny Jacobsen

PARIS (AFP) - The author of a controversial new biography on celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise has found an unexpected new ally: the niece of Scientology's current leader, David Miscavige.

In an open letter to a senior Scientology official that has been widely posted on the Internet, Jenna Miscavige Hill described how her own family was broken apart by the movement's policies.

Hill's father is Ron Miscavige, the older brother of David Miscavige, the current leader of the Church of Scientology.

"Hell, if Scientology can't keep his family together -- then why on earth should anyone believe the church helps brings families together!" she wrote.

Hill, 23, wrote the letter after Scientology attacked writer Andrew Morton's recently published book "Tom Cruise: an Unauthorised Biography". The actor is a vocal advocate for the movement and the book gives it extensive coverage.

In a 15-page statement issued on January 14, Karin Pouw, the movement's public affairs director, denounced the book as a "bigoted defamatory assault replete with lies".

But in her reply to Pouw, Hill retorted: "I am absolutely shocked at how vehemently you insist upon not only denying the truths that have been stated about the church in that biography, but then take it a step further and tell outright lies."

In particular she challenges Scientology's denial that it puts pressure on members to break all contact with relatives who do not support the movement -- a practice known as disconnection.

Hill said it was this policy that broke up her own family.

"As you well know, my parents officially left the church when I was 16 in 2000," she wrote. Having been separated from them since the age of 12, she decided not to go with them.

But she added: "Not only was I not allowed to speak to them, I was not allowed to answer a phone for well over a year, in case it was them calling me."

Hill goes on to detail how Scientology officials intercepted letters from her parents and her friends.

She was only allowed to visit her parents once a year for a maximum of four days, she wrote -- and then only after her parents threatened legal action to get access.

When she returned from these visits, she was questioned to see if her parents had said anything bad about the movement.

Asked about the Hill's statement, Pouw told AFP: "The church stands by its statement of 14 January. The church does not respond to newsgroup postings."

Contacted by AFP, Hill said she had circulated the letter to draw attention to the practice of disconnection.

"My intention is to put it on a public forum so they are pressured into changing their ways -- even if it is just to cover for themselves."

Founded in the United States in 1954 by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, the Church of Scientology was officially recognised as a religion there nearly 20 years later.

But it is often accused in Germany and other European countries, including Belgium, France and Greece, of exploiting its members financially.

Morton's book is currently at the top of the New York Times bestseller list for hardback non-fiction after its first week on sale.

You may find the source in question here, on Yahoo News. You may digg the article here if you wish to do your part for spreading this critical information.

On the other hand, further news updates include Scientologists attacking the Project Chanology wiki on*. This would not be the first time that something like this has happened. Previously, The Regime had attacked us for what seemed to be for no valid purpose at all. After the attack, a Youtube video surfaced which allegedly claimed that they themselves were Scientologists. However, a connection between "The Regime" and Scientology's "Office of Special Affairs" has not been found as of yet although some may believe so considering the Church of Scientology's policies towards who they deem as "Suppressive Persons".

*EDIT: Operation Clambake was not hacked thus edited.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

On the tenth of the February
The world should be wary
Of the righteous act of Anon.

They should not be ignored
Groups who are deplored
Who act with arrogance and vice.

Such evils will fall
With the chorused call
Of the combined voice of mankind.

For as a whole
Justice as our goal
We have given ourselves to this end.

Have some flyers for the protests.

Top 10 crimes commited by the cult

1. They sell their religious knowledge for absurd amounts of money.

2. They put a copyright on their religion.

3. Disconnection and seperation of families.

4. The suppression and censorship of those who stand up against Scientology.

5. The cover up of crimes commited by members - including murder, rape and child molestation.

6. Use of the "Fair game" policy.

7. Attempted to infiltrate the US Government.

8. Manipulated the IRS to achieve tax exempt status.

9. Tax evasion.

10. Poorly written poetry.

Would you like to know more?
Knowledge is free.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Introduction - Why, what, how

The so called 'Church of Scientology' is a manipulative corporation that survives by financially exploiting it's members and intimidating critics and opposers with lawsuits and copyright claims. In this post, I am going to be covering some of the tactics and methods the Church of Scientology is guilty of.

First, I will shed some light on some of the recruiting methods they have used in the past, and are still in use today.

For now, imagine you have a nice looking fellow approaching you on the street.
He will simply walk upon you and asks you a few questions, and if you are an open person you will most likely answer these questions since you seem to have nothing better to do with your time.
He then will eventually (read: 100% for sure) invite you into one of their 'Churches'. They have nice decorations, look fancy, and seem like someplace you could live; comforting, aren't they?

He will guide you to one of their desks with a computer (which is probably the only one in the whole church) on it where you will be greeted with a warm handshake and told to fill out something that appears to be a survey, or maybe a short personality test.
Now, that the cult has trained their members to recruit anyone that has a working heart and half a brain, and this spokesperson that you have been directed to by the handsome fellow from outside, will critique your choices, your way of life, and whatever answers you have been giving him:

3 hours of daily TV? 25% of your wake time is going to waste, you have a serious problem buddy. - "We can fix your life"
You messed up memorizing the symbols from page 2?
There are some serious issues, an average person can remember at least 8 by just taking a brief look. - "We can improve your mental abilities"

It looks something like that.
This is where it starts to get dangerous, this buttnugget is systematically pounding on one's confidence.

What happens after this, can only be speculated.
It depends on where the Church is located, since their programs seem to vary a lot.

Here is an actual video from 1995, in which a reporter with a hidden camera managed to get herself recruited. Watch it yourself, it's worth it, they caught batshit insane people on camera. Commentary is below.

Much of what we knew about this kind of recruitment has been confirmed with this video, and some of the documents we have picked up from earlier research about their 'training units' as well.

Now did you see those kids playing on the staircase?

Don't assume their parents are in that building with them. It's not rare that children get seperated from their parents and are risen by the cult. And of course TVs with cable and computers are strictly forbidden. The cult can't risk the children being opposed to ideas that are not inline with the beliefs of Scientology.

So much to 'IRL' or 'offline' recruting.

There 879 Scientology owned domains that are known to us.
I'd say a good chunk out of those lead to 'Drug consultation' and intelligence/stress/personality test sites.
You know what kind of bullshit they are pulling off with their personality tests, but now these 'Drug consultation' websites sound interesting, hm?
Obviously they are there to lure people with real problems in, but there have been rumors that one of these consultation sites leading to a Gulag like camp. (Read: Russian version of KZ)

We have found out that these camps are described as "Faith re-instruction camps for people considering to leave the organisation", and it is likely that these buildings are owned by a company called Narconon.
In case you are too lazy to do your own damn research, Narconon is a couple of drug rehabilitation centers, based on 'technologies' provided by the creator of the cult, L. Ron Hubbard.
What they won't tell you, and what they even deny, is that they are in fact owned by the cult, and it would make sense if they sent some "stray" people there.

Now let's take a look at how they get their members to pass them the cash, shall we?

There is what is called an OT system in the cult. Basically, it's their form of rank designation.
Of course every common low OT cultist will deny that, mostly because they have never heard of it.

But roughly, the higher your 'qualifications' are, the higher your OT rank is, and the more information you are privileged to.
Secrets, lectures and so on.
These 'qualifications' are usually acquired by joining and attending seminars and courses, which the 'Church' charges money for. EW were able to find a nice price list here.

We have managed to dredge up 15 or 16 CDs only high OT members are allowed to purchase... and they charge a ridiculous amount of 900$ a piece.

There are torrents for them online, for free... look it up.
And that is leads us to their crime against humanity:

They are selling their religious beliefs for money.

Knowledge should always be free.

Now some more audio for your listening pleasure -

The audio is two interviews of a high ranking ex cultist, and discusses just how corrupt the Church of Scientology really is. Every minute is pure gold, trust me on this one.
Mind that one of these logs is from 2008.

Also, did you know that Jesus was a pedophile? No? Well, Scientologists sure think so. Scientology is involved in a lot of religion bashing. After all, their ultimate belief, which I have to add is only known to high OT (read: exploited celebrities) members is that all the world religions are propaganda and lies from Xenu's huuuuge cinemas. If you don't know who Xenu is, check out who he is over on South Park (ironically, the story parodied is true) and ironically, this is true as well.

Thank you for your time.

(This has been written with the help of several Anons)*

The Philosophy of Anonymous

I. Basic Principles of Anonymous

Anonymous has received fairly bad publicity in the past. Although it is not that we care, in fact all the negativity that surrounds us actually made us stronger, in other words, we can turn just about anything into comedy. Take the first Faux News investigation on us for example. For such a short segment that clearly described us as domestic terrorists, about 30 things mentioned in that report ended up becoming memes. This comes to show that Anonymous is perfectly immune to fear, and even worse, we want someone to fight us.

Anonymous is not a gang of hackers on steroids. Believe me when I tell you that about half of Anonymous doesn't even know how to use a computer at all. When the media describes us as a bunch of punkass kids, for the most part, they are right. But Anonymous does become mature over time. In essence, we are all Anonymous, just some are more Anonymous than others, but that doesn't mean that one Anonymous has authority over another, because we can never tell who is who. Isn't this such an interesting system?

But why do we go picking on other websites for our own enjoyment? This is incredibly hard to explain, for Anonymous operates somewhat chaotically, but there is some structure behind our behaviour. Remember the Ancient Greeks? They did not believe in Representative Democracy, only on general consensus with the common people. Anonymous is similar. We do not tell some Hacker on Steroids to do the work for us (BASIC PRINCIPLE: Anonymous is not your personal army) we decide for ourselves by consensus whether or not to act based on how much lulz we can accumulate from our target (this is the answer to the question presented here and will be elaborated on later). If enough Anon can be recruited for a raid, then it will be carried out, everyone else can sit behind and watch.

II. Why Scientology?

Historically, Anonymous' targets have had one or more of the following properties:

1. Inability to handle criticism
2. Overblown sense of self-importance
3. Panicky reaction when private information on them is released
4. Frantic attempts to cover up the aforementioned information
5. Fondness for threatening legal action
6. Hypocrisy
7. Love for spouting repetitive, idiotic rhetoric
8. Suppression of free speech or free will

Consider the Church of Scientology.

1. They are harshly intolerant of criticism. (Youtube, Operation Clambake, etc)
2. They claim to be the ONLY ones who can TRULY help with car crashes, mental disorders, crime, and drug abuse. They are "the authorities on the mind."
3. They fire off baseless Cease & Desist orders, threaten legal action and physical harm, and run smear campaigns against anyone who speaks poorly of them.
4. They request that almost anything Scientology-related that isn't under their control be removed, be it from a website, a library, or a bookstore.
5. They use Cease & Desist orders and drawn out lawsuits (baseless or otherwise) until the target runs out of money or willpower.
6. They say everyone should be free. They say L. Ron was perfect, and everyone should be a Scientologist because other religions are wrong. The Church of Scientology clearly places grevious restrictions on the freedom of its members. L. Ron Hubbard was full of drugs when he died. His wife went to jail. The Church of Scientology evades taxes. The Church of Scientology is clearly hypocritical.
7. They spout and teach members to spout idiocy of epic proportions. You may see this on YouTube.
8. They kidnap, imprison, torture, harass, and smear not only those who speak out against them, but any of their own members who may have doubts.

They pursue frivolous "copyright infringement" claims to ridiculous lengths, trying to remove and all data that does not present the Church of Scientology in a positive light. This constitutes censorship.

Lisa McPherson was just one of dozens of known and countless unknown victims who were killed by the Church of Scientology.

The Church of Scientology fits EVERY SINGLE CRITERION to a T; the Church of Scientology is the perfect target for Anonymous. Even more so because the Church's traditional smear tactics will not work - it is documented Church of Scientology procedure to isolate the individuals who are part of any offending group and attack them one at a time. Anonymous is not a group of individuals. Anonymous is anonymous.

III. The Internet is Our Battleground

For all of Anonymous' existence, Anonymous used the internet in new and creative ways to harass targets - from simple spamming of offensive images in online message boards, to spreading rumors, to infiltration of online communities, to widespread publication and distribution of private or incriminating information, to outright hacking, exploiting, Denial of Service and other attacks, Anonymous collectively possesses the means to dominate anyone and anything the internet, if Anonymous decides to.

As time wore on and certain anonymii grew, matured, and gained more experience, Anonymous began to extend its reach beyond the internet - calling victims in real life, contacting relatives, co-workers, employers, and friends of targets to further spread rumors and harass. Anonymous learned to order cash-on-delivery pizzas for the target. Anonymous learned to get local parent-teacher organizations worried about the target's deviant sexual fetishes. Anonymous learned to send solid black pages to fax machines. Anonymous learned to find any website or service that would mail something for free, and send thousands to the target. Anonymous learned to raid "IRL" - In real life. Disguised as a popular icon, Anonymous would photograph, harass, spread information or post fliers about the target.

IV. How this War will be Waged

Despite our negative press in the past, Anonymous is not a collection of 15-year-old punks with a preference for gay porn and exploding yellow vans. Anonymous is not a domestic terrorist. We are your doctors, lawyers, bankers, and firefighters. We are your teachers, your students, your cashiers, your taxi drivers, your waiters and waitresses. We are your friends, your family, and your children. We are you. We are well-educated, well-funded, and determined.

Anonymous understands the delicacies of PR. Anonymous is not out to silence free speech. Anonymous is not waging war on Scientology as a religion, nor on its followers. Anonymous is waging war on the corrupt, abusive corporate scam for which Scientology is a front. We do not aim to silence the "Scientologist's side of the argument," but to expose the "other side" to members of the Church - the one they don't talk about, the one they don't let anyone else talk about. Their true face. Anonymous wants all scientologists to know what Church of Scientology authorities hide from new members.

V. This is not a raid. This is War.

All of Anonymous' skills apply to the war on the Church of Scientology. The Church must be reminded who owns the internet. The Church's censorship must be thwarted. Allies from groups not typically friendly to Anonymous must be gathered. The Church of Scientology must have its buildings plastered with the truth, and with top-secret Scientology documents. Their fax machines must spew black. The names, addresses, phone numbers, and intimate details of their upper leadership must be obtained and published. The entire world must know the truth about the corrupt, abusive, illegal extortionist organization that lurks behind the Church of Scientology, the Sea Org, the OSA, the RST, and all its front and sub-organizations.

We will take down their websites. We will expose their secrets-all that is cultish and illegal. We will deface their buildings with our fliers. We will organize protests. We will retell the stories the Church is trying so hard to erase. We will retell the suppressed stories of Scientology's victims. We will show everyone that they do not have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for spiritual fulfillment.

Anonymous understands that this will not be over in days, that this will not be over in weeks. We do not know when it will end. We will keep fighting, tooth and nail, until we have achieved our goal.

We will need more than Anonymous to succeed. We will need Operation Clambake. We will need Ex-Scientologists. We will need every internet community we can get. We will need every news outlet, blog, TV station and radio show. We will need current Scientologists. We will need YOU.

We are Anonymous, and Anonymous is Legion.

We do not forget. We do not forgive.

We are you, and you are us.

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