Sunday, January 27, 2008

On the tenth of the February
The world should be wary
Of the righteous act of Anon.

They should not be ignored
Groups who are deplored
Who act with arrogance and vice.

Such evils will fall
With the chorused call
Of the combined voice of mankind.

For as a whole
Justice as our goal
We have given ourselves to this end.

Have some flyers for the protests.


David said...

whoever anon made this video is a genius

David said...

btw lol @ "This blog does not allow anonymous comments."


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
I suport you fully, what scientology is doing is wrong
this will show that the power of avarage poeple is great.

best of luck,

massive girl fight said...

Anonymous the Song

Anonymous said...

how can the average person help make people aware of scientology?

I am a devout Christian with a young son, scientology makes me sick to my heart.

Anonymous said...

The average person can simply spread awareness and if they wish, go to a protest on February 10th

church lady said...

Thank you,

I will be having a discussion group next week with my ladies bible class.

Various Anon. sources have opened my eyes to the danger of CoS continuing unchecked.

May I refer my class to this blog for more information? (It was so helpful to me)

AcydReyhn said...

ive been aware of Anon's war against Scientology for a while now, but only recently have i come to realize how horrendous and dispictble the cult really is, and frankly, it pissed me off royal. howeva i cant make it to a protest on the 10th, but i feel i must do something, ive made many people aware of the CoS's atrocities, but it pisses me off that i cant do more then just bitch and complain about them. i am more then happy to help in any way possible, however im not sure how i can, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thx, and much respect

We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect Us

Anonymous said...

When's the next protest?

Anonymous said...

i think the way to truley cripple co$ is assult their tax exempt status. the next protest should be more direct, we should flood our local congressman with information of the crimes of scientology.