Saturday, January 26, 2008

Introduction - Why, what, how

The so called 'Church of Scientology' is a manipulative corporation that survives by financially exploiting it's members and intimidating critics and opposers with lawsuits and copyright claims. In this post, I am going to be covering some of the tactics and methods the Church of Scientology is guilty of.

First, I will shed some light on some of the recruiting methods they have used in the past, and are still in use today.

For now, imagine you have a nice looking fellow approaching you on the street.
He will simply walk upon you and asks you a few questions, and if you are an open person you will most likely answer these questions since you seem to have nothing better to do with your time.
He then will eventually (read: 100% for sure) invite you into one of their 'Churches'. They have nice decorations, look fancy, and seem like someplace you could live; comforting, aren't they?

He will guide you to one of their desks with a computer (which is probably the only one in the whole church) on it where you will be greeted with a warm handshake and told to fill out something that appears to be a survey, or maybe a short personality test.
Now, that the cult has trained their members to recruit anyone that has a working heart and half a brain, and this spokesperson that you have been directed to by the handsome fellow from outside, will critique your choices, your way of life, and whatever answers you have been giving him:

3 hours of daily TV? 25% of your wake time is going to waste, you have a serious problem buddy. - "We can fix your life"
You messed up memorizing the symbols from page 2?
There are some serious issues, an average person can remember at least 8 by just taking a brief look. - "We can improve your mental abilities"

It looks something like that.
This is where it starts to get dangerous, this buttnugget is systematically pounding on one's confidence.

What happens after this, can only be speculated.
It depends on where the Church is located, since their programs seem to vary a lot.

Here is an actual video from 1995, in which a reporter with a hidden camera managed to get herself recruited. Watch it yourself, it's worth it, they caught batshit insane people on camera. Commentary is below.

Much of what we knew about this kind of recruitment has been confirmed with this video, and some of the documents we have picked up from earlier research about their 'training units' as well.

Now did you see those kids playing on the staircase?

Don't assume their parents are in that building with them. It's not rare that children get seperated from their parents and are risen by the cult. And of course TVs with cable and computers are strictly forbidden. The cult can't risk the children being opposed to ideas that are not inline with the beliefs of Scientology.

So much to 'IRL' or 'offline' recruting.

There 879 Scientology owned domains that are known to us.
I'd say a good chunk out of those lead to 'Drug consultation' and intelligence/stress/personality test sites.
You know what kind of bullshit they are pulling off with their personality tests, but now these 'Drug consultation' websites sound interesting, hm?
Obviously they are there to lure people with real problems in, but there have been rumors that one of these consultation sites leading to a Gulag like camp. (Read: Russian version of KZ)

We have found out that these camps are described as "Faith re-instruction camps for people considering to leave the organisation", and it is likely that these buildings are owned by a company called Narconon.
In case you are too lazy to do your own damn research, Narconon is a couple of drug rehabilitation centers, based on 'technologies' provided by the creator of the cult, L. Ron Hubbard.
What they won't tell you, and what they even deny, is that they are in fact owned by the cult, and it would make sense if they sent some "stray" people there.

Now let's take a look at how they get their members to pass them the cash, shall we?

There is what is called an OT system in the cult. Basically, it's their form of rank designation.
Of course every common low OT cultist will deny that, mostly because they have never heard of it.

But roughly, the higher your 'qualifications' are, the higher your OT rank is, and the more information you are privileged to.
Secrets, lectures and so on.
These 'qualifications' are usually acquired by joining and attending seminars and courses, which the 'Church' charges money for. EW were able to find a nice price list here.

We have managed to dredge up 15 or 16 CDs only high OT members are allowed to purchase... and they charge a ridiculous amount of 900$ a piece.

There are torrents for them online, for free... look it up.
And that is leads us to their crime against humanity:

They are selling their religious beliefs for money.

Knowledge should always be free.

Now some more audio for your listening pleasure -

The audio is two interviews of a high ranking ex cultist, and discusses just how corrupt the Church of Scientology really is. Every minute is pure gold, trust me on this one.
Mind that one of these logs is from 2008.

Also, did you know that Jesus was a pedophile? No? Well, Scientologists sure think so. Scientology is involved in a lot of religion bashing. After all, their ultimate belief, which I have to add is only known to high OT (read: exploited celebrities) members is that all the world religions are propaganda and lies from Xenu's huuuuge cinemas. If you don't know who Xenu is, check out who he is over on South Park (ironically, the story parodied is true) and ironically, this is true as well.

Thank you for your time.

(This has been written with the help of several Anons)*


Anonymous said...

The creator of this site is correct; we are not 15-year-old hackers. Perhaps it started that way, but the movement has spread "IRL".

Now we are also professional midwestern businesspeople. Parents. Plumbers. PTO presidents.

The brave and stalwart speakers who have long been fighting the evils of Scientology have held out long enough to rally support. Thank you, hackers. Thank you Thank you to all of those who have worked so long and hard to get our attention, and suffered for it.

You deserve our support, as citizens, as spiritual beings, as seekers of truth.

We now know the horrors and illegal actions taken by the Church of Scientology.

We, too, have decided that such actions will not stand.

Many of us have stepped out of our normal, ignorant lives and become... Anonymous. More will join when the truth spreads.

Knowledge is free.
Truth can't be copyrighted.
We are legion.
We are coming.

Anonymous said...

that was insane, but i guess scientology is weird

Anonymous said...

I actually found out about anonymous through that fox news report. I this reporter is a nub. It made the media look bad and Anonymous look appealing.

Is this blog going to be a reliable source for the goings on of anonymous? I completely missed the CoS protests and was pissed because it was something I'd of been glad to attend.