Monday, January 28, 2008

Third Video Released and Jenna Miscavige Hill Tells the Truth About Her Uncle's Cult

Anonymous has released its third video.

However, it does not stop here. Another update is of importance.

Jenna Miscavige Hill, the niece of the leader of the Church of Scientology has finally went public and has addressed the misdeeds performed by the malignant "church" as evident below:

Niece of Scientology's leader backs Cruise biography

by Jonny Jacobsen

PARIS (AFP) - The author of a controversial new biography on celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise has found an unexpected new ally: the niece of Scientology's current leader, David Miscavige.

In an open letter to a senior Scientology official that has been widely posted on the Internet, Jenna Miscavige Hill described how her own family was broken apart by the movement's policies.

Hill's father is Ron Miscavige, the older brother of David Miscavige, the current leader of the Church of Scientology.

"Hell, if Scientology can't keep his family together -- then why on earth should anyone believe the church helps brings families together!" she wrote.

Hill, 23, wrote the letter after Scientology attacked writer Andrew Morton's recently published book "Tom Cruise: an Unauthorised Biography". The actor is a vocal advocate for the movement and the book gives it extensive coverage.

In a 15-page statement issued on January 14, Karin Pouw, the movement's public affairs director, denounced the book as a "bigoted defamatory assault replete with lies".

But in her reply to Pouw, Hill retorted: "I am absolutely shocked at how vehemently you insist upon not only denying the truths that have been stated about the church in that biography, but then take it a step further and tell outright lies."

In particular she challenges Scientology's denial that it puts pressure on members to break all contact with relatives who do not support the movement -- a practice known as disconnection.

Hill said it was this policy that broke up her own family.

"As you well know, my parents officially left the church when I was 16 in 2000," she wrote. Having been separated from them since the age of 12, she decided not to go with them.

But she added: "Not only was I not allowed to speak to them, I was not allowed to answer a phone for well over a year, in case it was them calling me."

Hill goes on to detail how Scientology officials intercepted letters from her parents and her friends.

She was only allowed to visit her parents once a year for a maximum of four days, she wrote -- and then only after her parents threatened legal action to get access.

When she returned from these visits, she was questioned to see if her parents had said anything bad about the movement.

Asked about the Hill's statement, Pouw told AFP: "The church stands by its statement of 14 January. The church does not respond to newsgroup postings."

Contacted by AFP, Hill said she had circulated the letter to draw attention to the practice of disconnection.

"My intention is to put it on a public forum so they are pressured into changing their ways -- even if it is just to cover for themselves."

Founded in the United States in 1954 by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, the Church of Scientology was officially recognised as a religion there nearly 20 years later.

But it is often accused in Germany and other European countries, including Belgium, France and Greece, of exploiting its members financially.

Morton's book is currently at the top of the New York Times bestseller list for hardback non-fiction after its first week on sale.

You may find the source in question here, on Yahoo News. You may digg the article here if you wish to do your part for spreading this critical information.

On the other hand, further news updates include Scientologists attacking the Project Chanology wiki on*. This would not be the first time that something like this has happened. Previously, The Regime had attacked us for what seemed to be for no valid purpose at all. After the attack, a Youtube video surfaced which allegedly claimed that they themselves were Scientologists. However, a connection between "The Regime" and Scientology's "Office of Special Affairs" has not been found as of yet although some may believe so considering the Church of Scientology's policies towards who they deem as "Suppressive Persons".

*EDIT: Operation Clambake was not hacked thus edited.


massive girl fight said...

Feel free to use the song anyway you please. I posted the source files for you.

Anonymous said...

This anon lieks teh song

Formerly Fooled said...

Nice Blog piece. That latest video is very good. And Jenna Miscavige Hill is very brave to stand up to the cult. Thanks for posting this :)

Mary McConnell
formerlyfooled & Out_Of_The_Dark

Anonymous said...

Formerly Fooled said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for the link :)

It is a stirring video.
Scientology, Law, and Paranoia
Judges and politicians around the world give their opinions about
scientology and its leader.


Anonymous said...

Maybe there needs to be some advocating for the reform of not-for-profit corporation laws.

Anonymous said...

I find it sad that some think the anon movement is a hate movement, as always the press takes the side of the whacko's. I would hope that CO$ would go down and former members realise they don't have to abandon faith, real faith is free and real faith requires only love and not completely cutting yourself off from family and friends. I am a survivor of a cultish con artist family, and I found it was hard to believe the ugliness that I was taught was ok. I was lost for a time, unable to seperate my disgust for the lies I had been taught and my yearning for faith, I felt as if faith was a betrayal of my new found freedom and somehow would make the brainwashing come back and undo my shaky existance in depending on lies I had been taught previously. Then I learned, I can give my money, freely without pressure, I can love a God that forgives and recieve a salvation that is free. And I can love freely without isolation, and though I may disagree with other points of others beliefs, I can still be a loving and kind person towards them and live a loving example rather than berrate people with my beliefs.
I hope formor CO$ members find love, and peace without an overhyped, pressured, ritualistic,
Scientology induced OCD frenzy, and realise they can find peace of spirit and mind, w/o a gimmick.