Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dear Mr and Mrs Lawson,

We have heard about your predicament on this Wired article.

The members of Anonymous would like to extend our deepest regrets for the events you have experienced. It is unfortunate that some members within our organization have taken it upon themselves to take our fight into the realm of illegal activities. We condemn these actions and call for all Anonymous to restrain themselves within the boundaries of the law.

We know that we cannot truly make up for the things you have experienced, but please know that you have nothing to fear from us. We will do everything within our power to expunge your personal data released from the internet. [Note: Anonymous urges you to purchase protection from the Life Lock corporation for your wife given the release of her social security number]

In our zeal to destroy evil, we have caused collateral damage to innocent bystanders. And while, yes, we recognize the taint this has been put upon our already tainted image, this is far from being our only reason for apologizing. In allowing this attack to occur, we have allowed ourselves to become like unto what we hate. Just as the Church of Scientology has used illegal actions to suppress its opponent, so have we fallen into that trap.

However, until such a time as the Church of Scientology no longer exists in its present form, we will not put aside our fight. Instead we will strive all the harder to maintain our integrity and adhere to legal means of attack.

Our sincerest apologies,


P.S. Anonymous is still considering what reparations, if any, we are capable of making. If you hear from us again, it will not be to threaten or harass you.


Anonymous said...

Hello 'anonymous' army. Your cause is righteous. Your goal is good. Let not collateral damage deter you, but act prudently and be sure your actions are right.

I know you care not for your public opinion, but this campaign requires more than just anon -- you must as you say, recruit out. If you do not appear sympathetic to the ignorant you will not gain their support.

Again, your actions are good. Your goals are righteous. Do not deter. Do not do this just for lulz. There is so much at stake.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this isn't the way to "join" or is this the kind of think where your already in.

Anonymous said...

Paypal + We'll protect your identity and personal information for only $10 a month = Win

Anonymous said...

actually we do care about PR. This post was, partly PR motivated (we admitted it in the text itself). We deemed it important to stand up, admit our mistakes, and take responsibility in direct opposition to the CoS's typical reaction. (Suppression)

In fact, some of us are working to *publicize* this incident (along with our public apology)

and yes, we're considering paying for life-lock, however, upon rereading the yahoo news story, it seems such protection has already been purchased.

This has not even slowed our efforts, however, since even this apology serves to spread the news of scientology's human rights violations.

Anonymous said...

yeah - i think this is "the kind of think where your already in."

Believer said...

I believe in you. I believe in your explicit and implicit cause. I also believe in the form you have chosen to take - a form as necessary as it is symbolic. I am happy again to be alive in a world where the DNA of Heroes is still alive and kicking.

If there's anything I can do to help, to join, to support, to strengthen, I avail myself.

Best of success,
A believer

Anonymous said...

To believer, and anyone else who might wish to join our cause. There is already plenty of information out there. The key element to remember is that you are your own Anon. Find a need and fill it. BUT STAY LEGAL.

And do keep in mind, when you're doing whatever you find to do that the OSA and the RTC can have you killed. So stay Anonymous.

William Mac said...


I'm glad that you have a sort of PR blog up so those of us that have been intrigued and have been following recent exploits can gain more tangible information into the goals of the organization itself.

Also, this helps clear up some qualms I was having. On one end I agree with much of the videos, even to the point of emotional outburst. However, upon witnessing other ills brought about by, what I now know are less-discerning members, I was beginning to be torn as to whether or not I was going to decided inevitably to support what you're doing or write it off as harmful trash.

This blog helps clear up my suspicions. By all accounts, I think this is a very intelligent collective.

Please keep us up to date with this. I vehemently suggest that a more centralized "anonymous" information center be constructed to act as an easier, more clarified means of understanding Anonymous.



Anonymous said...

I need some help. There is a Co$ cell near my hometown in Davis,CA. I want to organize a raid to happen in a couple weeks but I do not know where to go to oragnize, can you help?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is not the 'internet hate machine' nor a group of 'super hackers'. Get your story and facts right

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

This was not the work of Anonymous. This was the work of a group who call themselves g00ns.

Anonymous has no reason, nor right to be apologising.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is not the 'internet hate machine
January 30, 2008 4:26 AM

cancer etc..

Tony Jameson, 31 said...


The Wired news article arrived in my inbox just this morning and I was slightly worried about whether you were being honest in your approach to tackle the corrupt nature of the Church of Scientology. However, reading this "press release" or whatever, it has dawned upon me that this is not the "pathetic group of computer geeks" or "steroids addicted hackers" that I've heard about, but a collective group of individuals. That's all. Domestic terrorists? No. That's scare-mongering upon the media or whoever's part. This blog shows that. The poor gentlemen in question was wrongfully attacked. Nothing in the world could make up for it, but that doesn't deter you from saying "We're sorry." I even hear that you're offering several hundred dollars worth of funds for the Lawsons to buy social security protection with. It's not you saying "What? We never did that. Shut up."

I apologise for the length of this comment, but I had to express my point of view. Anonymous is anonymous. No telling who's who, but there is telling what's right. If a YouTube video is posted by "Anonymous" you will know whether it's truly "Anonymous" or not by the ratings, view counts, style, comments and nature. Anything which goes against the true collective Anonymous is made clear.

So, yeah. Keep up the good work. Not the bad work.

Anonymous said...

don't speak on behalf of anon. i'm insulted.

Anonymous said...

anonymous is not subject to law.
anonymous does not forgive.
anonymous does not forget.
anonymous is legion.

Anonymous said...

beat the Techno Fasist,
We are anonymous !

Do it now, we still can !

because there is not yet HR 1955 !!

let use the ppl be the force and let use not be beaten by a "force"!

all or legal forces together can beat them .....

we are anonymous!!

Anonymous said...

Are we schizophrenic, Anonymous, or are we united?

CoS is united, so to be otherwise is to be fail.

We are one, divided by zero, approaching infinity.

There is rightness and justice in acknowledging harm done in our name. Expressing sorrow and sympathy for others' pain is not equal to assuming responsibility for causing it.

Focus on this seemingly innocuous whitewashing of CoS. Do not allow CoS to use our actions as a PR vehicle. Do not allow them to stand unchallenged while we fight ourself.


CoS still stands. CoS still lies. Cos still kills. CoS collects money for ruining lives AS WE WRITE.

Truth cannot be copyrighted.
Knowledge is free.
We are legion.
We are coming.

Expect us.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's unfair that the Lawson's should have to purchase identity theft protection for a mistake that was made on behalf of Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's unfair that the Lawson's should have to purchase identity theft protection for a mistake that was made on behalf of Anonymous?

Yes. This is why Anonymous is trying to make reparations for their actions. It was a mistake, and Anonymous must apologize. There is no one here for Anonymous to forgive, aside from the idiots who didn't verify their information in the first place and made a huge mistake.

Anonymous does not forgive.

Anonymous said...

Just because some EFGs attacked innocent people doesn't invalidate our previous criticism of C0S.

Anonymous marches on.
Be very wary of the 10th of February.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Anonymous is subject to law, it is important to stay within the law. Defeat in this War will only be accomplished by not becoming that which you hate.

Partly, this is PR. Mostly, this is taking the moral high ground.

In this War, Anonymous is on the side of Right.

monkeyfish said...

hi, if anonymous is watching or monitoring these forums, i am part of a small group of people who understand and support your cause, we would life to find you and learn from you, our skills are limited but we can learn, so plz get in touch if you can

Anonymous said...



is a good place to start. You don't need to find us, though. You don't need to "offer you're service" just find out what's being done and find a way to contribute. As an Anon no one will be giving you orders anyway. Stay Anonymous, read the basic principles, and contribute any way you can.

remember it's all about KCW (Keep Chanology Working ;-D )

Anonymous said...

Please consider contacting local senators and representatives regarding investigating the CoS's function as a NPC (Not for Profit Corporation).

Anonymous said...

Previous Anonymous of Davis:

Check out the list of scheduled raids on the 10th on the Insurgency Wiki, looks like a small band of Anons from Davis want to join in on the Sacto raid. That should lead you in the right direction. I'd say see you there, but then again, due to the nature of being anonymous, I hope not!

Go Anon Go!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain why Mr. Lawson, who says he doesn't even know how to use a computer, has a Comcast IP in the first place, and possibly a wireless router?

Just curious.

I applaud the direct approach to this issue, but I think we ought to at least wonder about this contradiction.

Dream's End said...

I posted this at Wired:

Well, let's think about this like the g00ns should have. Why would an attacker with the skill to hack a server like that NOT anonymize their IP?

I can think of only one reason...it was a setup. I suppose Mr. Lawson, who can't use a computer, could have been given a laptop and a wireless router and a Comcast account as a gift and he's just now learning to surf the web or something.

So his wireless router likely is NOT secure and maybe "The Regime" just drove around with their own laptop in order to find an unprotected router. If so, it was likely to provoke exactly this kind of reaction.

BTW another article calls him a "field clerk" (for the power company PG & E)


I'm not that familiar with that job title, but if you google it, you'll find descriptions of jobs with that same title REQUIRING computer knowledge. Here's the DOE's definition of "Field Clerk"


Whaddya think? Anyone carrying out that job without computer knowledge?

I don't mean to assume he's lying...only that I'd like to see some real reporting on this.

Anonymus said...

Please consider contacting local senators and representatives regarding investigating the CoS's function as a NPC (Not for Profit Corporation).

Please don't simply consider this, do it and do it often! Co$ no more deserves Not For Profit status than General Motors. The achieved NFP by INTIMIDATING official at the IRS and filing hundreds of spurious lawsuits.

See.. http://www.xenu.net/archive/oca/irs.html

Write your representatives, write daily and use your own words!

Anonymous said...

We are organizing a Tokyo demonstration against Scientology on Feb 10 at 11:00am. Scientology will face its D-Day. Those who can not attend are encouraged to flood the office with email, phone calls, and fax

TEL 03-3576-8110
FAX 03-3576-1743
Email hongo@scientology.net

Leave Japan!

Signed Anonymous Japan

We are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous will be victorious. We are more then them and we are greater in all possible values (intellect, physical power, creativity, amongst other values). We compensate for each other, we are not one, we are all!

Anonymous said...

This is good work, my fellow Anon. But we must inform people of the other side of Anonymous the darker side that the Church will use against us, people need to know us from them, or all our credibility will be lost. Take this seriously this is important stick to the name and symbolism, it seems to be mainly under the mask of Guy Fawkes, keep it this way, symbolism grants power, symbols do not die, this will make us strong. Please refrain from the pink afros and the like from the protests, if we don't take it seriously no one else will, Anonymous can be a force for good, and it's about time. I will be reachable at ciogapia@guerrillamail.biz, for the next 15 minutes, at which point the email address will cease to exist. Remain Vigilant Anonymous.